Website Conversion Optimization: How to Increase Conversion Rate

website conversion optimization

Website conversion optimization services are designed to help businesses reach their marketing goals. Understanding how to increase website conversion rate can lead to an increase in profits.

What is Website Conversion Rate?

What is website conversion rate? Website conversion rate is the process of driving user sessions on your domain to complete certain pre-defined goals or actions. It's an important element of your conversion rate optimization strategy.

What is conversion rate optimization? According to MOZ.com,

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action — be that filling out a form, becoming customers, or otherwise.

Conversion Rate Optimization Services: Uncovering the Benefits

If you use your website to offer services or sell products, the primary goal should involve your visitors completing form fills, making purchases, placing phone calls, etc. Keep your customers engaged and convert leads into loyal customers with effective website conversion optimization services. In this article, we invite you to learn more about website conversions and discover our comprehensive conversion rate marketing formula:

How Do You Calculate Conversion Rate

How do you calculate conversion rate? According to Google AdWords,

Conversion rates are calculated by simply taking the number of conversions and dividing that by the number of [website visitors or] total ad clicks that can be tracked to a conversion during the same time period.

A good example of how to calculate your conversion rate is if you had 100 conversions for a total of 500 clicks, then your conversion rate would be 20%, since 100 ÷ 500 = 20%.

how to increase website conversion rate

Conversion Rate Marketing Formula

How to Increase Website Conversion Rate

  1. Display a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)
  2. Reduce the cClutter
  3. Minimize Clickthrough Steps
  4. Communicate Value Propositions
  5. Offer Enticing Incentives
  6. Leverage Conversion Analytics (GA, Heatmapping, etc.)
  7. Build Trust with Reviews / Testimonials / Citations
  8. Embed Relevant Video Content
  9. Develop Dedicated LandingPages
  10. Deploy a Chat Feature
  11. Build a Facebook Messenger Bot
  12. Use Facebook Website Conversion Ads
  13. Consider Facebook Website Conversion Ads

Display a Clear Call-to-Action

One of the more well-known methods for increasing your website conversion rate is communicating a clear call-to-action. Also known as a CTA, a call-to-action encourages users to engage with your website in one way or another. Common CTA examples used by conversion optimization services include buttons that read "get a free quote," "signup today" and "get in touch."

Reduce the Clutter

If your website visitors are bombarded with too much information at once, you're more likely to lose them before they even recognize a call-to-action. Optimizing the layout of your website to focus on the main value proposition helps to increase your website conversion rate. Try limiting the amount of information that's visible at once by nesting additional text content under accordions, tabs, or slides.

Minimize Clickthrough Steps

Does your main CTA drive users to fill out a form? How many clicks does it take to get them to the page where the form actually resides? Consider limiting the number of mouse clicks -- or clickthrough -- to one or two clicks total. User interface is a crucial factor when analyzing website conversion rates.

Communicate Value Propositions

If you’re wondering how to increase website conversion rates, include the value-adding "pitch" near the beginning of your landing pages. The most successful digital marketing provides clear benefits to your intended audience. Create value propositions to help increase website conversion rate.

Offer Enticing Incentives

Discounts, deals and specials are an excellent resource used to increase website conversion rates. The more exciting the promotion, the more likely users will engage with your brand. Hook your users with a catchy CTA communicating an incentive your audience simply can't pass up. For example, conversion optimization services may offer 10 percent discounts to new users.

Leverage Conversion Analytics (GA, Heatmapping, etc.) for website conversion optimization services

As you make updates to the content on your website, monitor how those changes affect your traffic. When configured properly, Google Analytics is a valuable resource for tracking conversions on your website. Heat-mapping tools can also provide useful insights into exactly how your users are interacting with your site's visual elements and navigation links.

Build Trust with Reviews / Testimonials / Citations

Improving your brand's credibility helps you increase your website conversion rate. Your public trustworthiness affects how your user perceives your business, products and services. Earn testimonials, product reviews and third-party citations so potential customers have no doubt your offering is sincere.

Embed Relevant Video Content

Rich media elements have been shown to increase website conversion rates. Relevant videos lend to a decreased bounce rate for your landing page. The longer users stay on your site, the more likely they are to complete your conversion goal(s).

Develop Dedicated Landing Pages

If you have multiple offerings on your site it's a good idea to split these up into separate landing pages. Creating a landing page for each service category or product mix is an excellent method to increase website conversion rate and is a powerful SEO strategy.

Deploy a Chat Feature

By implementing a chat feature on your website, users can easily get in touch with you without directly visiting your contact page. Chat messages lets potential customers ask questions about your brand, products or services. It's an excellent opportunity to suggest a better item that fits the user's specific needs. Conversion rate optimization services add these to sites to encourage fast and effective interactions with customers – as if they walked into a storefront to ask a question. 

Build a Facebook Messenger Bot to Increase Website Conversion Rate

Developing a custom Facebook Messenger Bot is an emerging digital marketing strategy for conversion rate optimization services. You can create automatic responses to streamline your organization's customer service. The best part is you'll generate leads, sales and feedback without necessarily sending users to your website.

Use Facebook Website Conversion Ads

While most marketers leverage display ads and paid search to increase website conversion rate(s), using Facebook website conversion ads is often an overlooked strategy. Enhance your marketing campaign with paid social, such as Facebook website conversion ads, and start converting more customers today.

Consider Mobile Website Conversion

Have you considered how your mobile website conversion rates are influenced by responsive web design? Mobile website conversion is often overlooked by businesses when researching how best to increase website conversion rate(s).  Half of your users are likely on smartphones or tablets making mobile website conversion optimization just as important -- if not more -- than desktop website conversion optimization.

website conversion optimization services

Website Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Are you looking for results-driven website conversion rate optimization services? Blennd can help. Enlisting a website design agency to work on your campaign can do wonders for your website conversion rate. By leveraging the latest marketing trends, your business can gain the competitive advantage. Blennd delivers industry-leading website conversion optimization services to boost your brand visibility and customer conversion rates.

Increase Your Conversion Rate with Conversation Optimization Services

At Blennd, we leverage a wide-range of design, marketing and SEO services to increase your website conversion rate.  We perform extensive keyword and topic research to create highly-effective organic marketing strategies; develop an intuitive user interface with user experience enhancements; build comprehensive digital marketing strategies to reach the right customers in the right places.

Our Denver search engine optimization team facilitates growth in organic traffic for every client we work with. Whether you already know how to do keyword research or you're just learning about SEO for the first time, our team can provide you with the data you need to improve your website conversion rates. Work with our brand strategy agency today.

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