Integris: Dominating Digital Marketing for IT Companies with a 40% Surge in Leads

Integris Digital Marketing


Integris, a leading managed IT company, embarked on a strategic digital marketing campaign with Blennd aimed at improving brand visibility, fostering mid-funnel leads, and highlighting recent business acquisitions. The primary goal was to cater to small to midsize businesses seeking proficient, customer-focused managed IT services.

Blennd's strategic expertise in digital marketing for IT companies, enabled Integris to elevate its brand visibility, cultivate mid-funnel leads, and spotlight recent business acquisitions.

The Challenge

With the goal of securing mid-funnel form fills and reducing cost per lead (CPL), Integris faced the challenge of offering managed IT services without the capability to house them internally.

Their target audience, comprising CEOs and decision-makers, demanded a comprehensive approach to bridge the gap between in-house and external IT support.

Success was defined through elevating brand awareness, augmenting traffic to the website, and establishing a direct correlation between leads and actual sales.

The Strategy

To tackle the campaign objectives, Blennd focused on a multifaceted strategy utilizing gated content, downloadable resources, and webinar sign-ups. Blennd began with a Google Tag Manager evaluation of conversion actions to ensure proper tracking.

The campaign was primarily targeting Google Ad Audiences, with retargeting and brand awareness taps on both LinkedIn and Microsoft ads . This allowed a focused approach to reach those already in market, resulting in higher conversion rates and more qualified leads. Unique services were highlighted, such as cybersecurity, IT consulting, and IT managed services.

The campaign’s strategy involved geographical targeting, FAQ resolution, and testimonials to bolster trust and conversion rates.

The Outcome

Within 30 days, the campaign showcased a phenomenal

  • 40% surge in leads
  • 5.9% reduction in cost per lead (CPL)
  • 66% increase in brand awareness

In comparison with industry standards, Integris outperformed with a CPC of $5.41, a Conversion Rate of 10.86%, and an Average CPL ranging between $45-55.

Integris vs. Industry benchmarks for digital marketing for IT companies

The Business Impact

This digital marketing campaign showcased scalability across various service lines and diverse market landscapes. Integris now stands poised for expansion, having adeptly adapted its campaign strategy to meet changing market demands and diverse managed IT service needs.

Integris's digital marketing triumph underscores the effectiveness of strategic planning in the IT landscape. Boasting a 40% surge in leads and a remarkable 66% increase in brand awareness, Integris sets the stage for sustained success.

The direct influence on driving more leads to the sales team positively shaped the overall growth of Integris's client base and business operations.

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