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Driving awareness for an energy company rapidly expanding the world’s ability to access sustainable power.

Our Next Energy (ONE) was founded in July 2020 by pioneers of the energy storage industry and is rapidly expanding the world’s ability to access sustainable power. ONE approached Blennd looking for a holistic brand strategy and website design that would align with their lofty goals and grab the attention of the industry and consumers alike. Our team designed a brand strategy that helped guide ONE’s communication and messaging along with their brand look and feel that could easily be rolled out and scaled across all channels. This work then guided a high-end modern website experience that used a combination of imagery, video and content to tell their compelling story.

/ Design System

A modern design system for an innovative renewable energy company.

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Our Next Energy (ONE)

/ Design

A modern digital presence for a leader in sustainable energy.

Our team explored various options to create a design that would best reflect ONE’s spirit of ingenuity, keeping in mind that the experience was to be exceptional but still familiar enough for customers to understand. Through a process of collaboration, we used ONE’s updated branding and 3D models to create engaging elements on the page that helped tell their unique story. The result is an experience that is distinctive yet easy to navigate and understand.

Our Next Energy (ONE)
Our Next Energy (ONE)
Our Next Energy (ONE)

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