Mindhues: Unveiling the Strategy Behind 377 New Leads in Just 90 Days

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Following a comprehensive branding and website launch led by Blennd, Mindhues, a leading youth therapy provider, embarked on a transformative paid media campaign to connect with parents in Colorado, with a particular focus on Medicaid families. Their goal was to acquire new clients, aiming for a cost per lead of $100 within 90 days, with a target of 150 leads. Blennd was enlisted to craft a strategic approach to achieve these objectives.

The Challenge

Mindhues faced the challenge of reaching and engaging parents in Colorado, particularly those in Medicaid families. The specific challenge was to achieve a cost per lead (CPL) of $100 within a 90-day timeframe, with a goal of acquiring 150 leads. The campaign needed to resonate with the target audience, primarily parents of ages 5-24, residing in Colorado, and using Medicaid.

The Strategy

Blennd deployed a strategic approach that leveraged Google Search Ads and Meta Ads. Google Search Ads with targeted keywords were designed to directly address parents who had already decided to seek therapy for their child, positioning Mindhues as the premier provider. This approach optimized the budget and increased the conversion of high-quality leads.

The testing phase included evaluating the performance of broad search Google keywords versus phrase match for intent, targeting audiences by county, and testing English versus Spanish Ads for conversion rates and lead quality. The results indicated that Search Ads outperformed Prospecting Meta Ads in qualifying leads, while Meta retargeting played a crucial role in driving high-quality leads at a low cost.

The agility of the strategy allowed for real-time adjustments, with the ability to refocus budgets and campaigns to continually increase high-quality leads at lower costs. With a monthly ad spend of $5,000, the campaign achieved a delicate balance between reach and efficiency, maintaining a sustainable and ongoing presence in the digital space.

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Through strategic planning, targeted execution, and a commitment to achieving tangible outcomes, the campaign not only met but exceeded its ambitious goals. The results included:

  • In the First Month:

    • Google: 85 leads at $37.07 per lead.
    • Meta: 30 leads at $54.53 per lead.

  • First Quarter:

    • Google: 292 conversions at $32.71. (decrease of 11.71%)
    • Meta: 85 leads at $44.36 per lead. (decrease of 18.65%) 

  • Overall

    • 377 new leads (+277 above goal)
    • 3-month decrease in CPL of 15.85% (61.46% below goal CPL)

Business Outcome

The lead generation results were impressive, with 377 new leads acquired within the 90-day timeframe at a cost per lead of $36.27. By the third month, the conversion rate from form fill to the first session completed reached 58.6%. The campaign consistently outperformed industry benchmarks, starting with a cost per lead of $45.80 in the first month and decreasing to $38.54 in the first quarter.

To ensure future scalability and expansion, Mindhues' paid media campaigns were strategically organized by state. This approach provides a nuanced understanding of regional variations, allowing insights gained from one state to optimize campaigns in new regions. By tailoring targeting parameters, messaging, and creative elements to each state's unique characteristics, the campaign not only resonates effectively with the local audience but also establishes a blueprint for potential expansion.

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