Dataprise Case Study: 183% Increase in Organic Traffic

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Overview: SEO for Technology Companies

As one of the nation’s largest information technology companies, Dataprise was already seeing great results from search engine optimization, but they wanted to take it a step further. While Dataprise.com has experienced exponential organic traffic growth over the years, the organization wanted to incorporate paid traffic into their lead generation strategy to gain an edge on competitors. With many complex subject areas, services and products represented on the site, the company wanted to ensure the right content served their visitors at the right time, on the right channels.

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The Why

The pursuit of increased website conversion rate.

Interested in increasing their visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), Dataprise sought a new solution. Dataprise serves customers across the nation with offices located in specific service areas. While Dataprise.com had experienced some modest organic traffic over the years, the organization wanted to increase website conversion rate by attracting higher-quality leads. This is where Blennd stepped in to develop a custom strategy for ongoing search engine optimization to enhance Dataprise’s digital presence in the business IT services sector with SEO for technology companies. With the right resources, they were uniquely positioned to gain a strong competitive advantage.

The Strategy

Search engine optimization strategies:

With optimized content, strategic keyword implementation and identified areas for growth, Dataprise was able to greatly improve their site traffic, conversions, and organic keyword ranking. Blennd ran a comprehensive site audit, highlighting areas that were performing well in organic search and identifying areas that could benefit most from SEO for IT companies. We identified a set of strategic target keywords and provided robust on-page content, fully optimizing the site’s meta data, structured data, and new content to align with the organization’s goals. On top of that, our team launched local SEO strategies to boost visibility and maintain local business listings across dozens of networks, such as Facebook, Google My Business and Yahoo!. Finally, we identified gaps and opportunities within competitor strategies to power positive SEO for technology companies.



*September 2022

Paid marketing strategies:

As part of our 2021 paid marketing strategy, Blennd investigated the current audience through an in-depth discovery process, analyzing historical data, and identifying key personas and KPIs. Then, we uncovered new markets across the country that had not been focused on, geographically segmenting them based on performance and capitalizing on key areas. From that, we created an omni-channel approach with strict keyword targeting, custom intent audience targeting and professionally designed creative that spoke directly to their ideal audience. To empower ongoing success, we developed a continual refinement process for campaigns, based on segmenting and adjusting budgets according to each stage in the funnel. These paid media strategies combined with SEO for technology companies empowered them to reach a larger and better-defined audience.



  • Increased monthly lead volume for core service offerings by 250% in 120 days from 18 to 63.
  • Boosted conversion rate by 52.17% from 2.73% to 4.15% in 120 days.
  • Decreased cost per lead by 253% over 120 days from $220.31 to $62.47.
  • Generated $500,000+ in annual revenue opportunities over the course of 120 days.

*October 2021

The Results

Outcomes from SEO for technology companies.

Dataprise experienced a significant overall increase in valuable website traffic and new leads. Through a balanced effort with search engine optimization and digital marketing, Dataprise saw a 183% increase in organic traffic sessions, starting at 4,776 sessions and growing to 13,562 sessions. In September 2022, 201 keywords ranked in the top 3 SERP positions from their original 66 keywords. In turn Dataprise boosted their customer conversion-rate from organic traffic sources by 6.31% in just 12 months, from 9.98% to 10.61%.

The total number of organic keywords increased from 838 to 3,464 in September 2022, a net growth of 313%. Our team also identified over 1225 toxic backlinks and disavowed them with search engines, significantly improving the domain’s trust score and SERP performance. Overall, the site health has improved from 59% to 76%, increasing by 28% from the beginning of services to September 2022.

SEO for IT Companies: An Ongoing Partnership

Through collaboration across departments and identifying and acting on gaps and opportunities cross-channel, the Blennd team was able to raise the bar and make massive improvements to Dataprise’s online presence. Blennd has an ongoing partnership over five years strong with their team that continues to produce game-changing organic results for the brand. Blennd's ongoing research and organic strategies for Dataprise play a major role in building our expertise in SEO for IT companies and the tech industry overall.  

Let Blennd Build Your Strategy: SEO for Technology Companies

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