Mindhues: Transforming Youth Mental Health Through Branding and Website Design

Mindhues: Transforming Youth Mental Health Through Branding and Website Design

/ Overview

Strategy, Branding and Web Design to Launch a Youth Therapy Company.

Colorado Innovative Services identified a shortage of resources for behavioral health treatment for youth in Colorado. Their business quickly scaled by providing mental health resources to IMatter, a program that provides youth in Colorado with 6 free therapy sessions. They needed a company name, brand identity, content strategy, design system and website that provided accessible, actionable solutions for young people who struggle with mental health.

Through extensive discovery and working sessions, Blennd created the Mindhues name and brand to engage with youth, parents and educators. The result was a bright, modern and uplifting experience that connects youth to accessible and effective mental health treatment with providers who care.

Following our comprehensive branding and website launch, Mindhues embarked on a transformative paid media campaign with Blennd, which led to an impressive 377 new leads acquired within the first 90-days of campaign launch.

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Mindhues strategy

/ Strategy

A Comprehensive Strategy Navigating the Youth Mental Health Landscape

Blennd’s involvement included an in-depth strategy engagement including customer journey mapping, persona development, SWOT analysis, design system creation, sitemap structuring, UX recommendations, and a robust SEO and digital marketing strategy. This holistic approach ensured that Mindhues was not only visually appealing but also strategically positioned in the digital landscape.

Mindhues: Transforming Youth Mental Health Through Branding and Website Design

/ Branding

A Colorful, Modern and Uplifting Brand to Connect with Youth

The brand development journey resulted in a vibrant and refreshing identity for Mindhues with a CMYK based color palette. Blennd designed a logo and a versatile design system that created an inviting space for youth to connect with mental health services. Custom doodle drawings and illustrations added a playful touch, reminiscent of kids’ drawings in notebooks, contributing to a modern and youthful brand.

Mindhues brand design system

/ Website Design (UX/UI)

Navigating Wellness: Mindhues’ User-Centric Website

The website design prioritized cleanliness, modernity, and user-friendliness. Blennd ensured an intuitive user experience (UX) with easy navigation and a focus on accessibility. Custom doodle drawings and illustrations became supporting elements, creating a visually engaging experience. The result was a platform that made it easy for potential clients to find, book appointments, and connect with mental health resources.

Mindhues website design
Mindhues: Transforming Youth Mental Health Through Branding and Website Design
Mindhues: Transforming Youth Mental Health Through Branding and Website Design

/ Website Development

Mindhues’ WordPress-Powered Technological Backbone

Blennd utilized our custom-built WordPress theme as the content management system for Mindhues, incorporating custom provider filtering for enhanced user experience. Micro animations were integrated to add a dynamic touch to the website, ensuring a visually engaging and interactive platform. The modern and scalable architecture laid the foundation for Mindhues to effectively reach and connect with youth beyond Colorado.

mindhues website design

/ Results

Exceeding Benchmarks: Mindhues’ Journey to Extraordinary Growth

The transformative journey continued with a paid media campaign, resulting in a remarkable 377 new leads within the first 90 days. Mindhues, initially serving Colorado, expanded its reach to other states. The modern and youthful brand, coupled with user-friendly features, positioned Mindhues as a standout player in the market, fostering connections with youth and driving business growth. You can read more about Mindhue’s digital marketing strategy and success in our case study here.

Blennd’s collaboration with Mindhues has not only created a distinctive brand and WordPress-powered website but has also played a vital role in enhancing accessibility and connection in youth mental health services. The project stands as a testament to the power of strategic thinking, creative branding, and effective website design in transforming lives.


Within 90 days of launch, we saw impresive results:

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