Moody Insurance: Leading a Digital Transformation and Website Design

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/ Overview

Cutting-edge insurance agency website design & strategy.

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The Challenge

Moody Insurance is a family-owned insurance company based in the front range in Colorado. They are known for great service and expertise in numerous industries. Their original website was outdated and slow to load, which was leading to a high bounce rate and lost business opportunities. Ultimately, it didn’t reflect their modern service offering. Blennd was brought in to create a new digital strategy that showed their biggest assets as a business and provided a path to more conversions.

Our Approach

Blennd approached this project by first getting to know Moody Insurance in-depth through our discovery sessions. We dove into the current state and the future state of their business, identifying key competitors and design inspiration for the new website. We also got a feel for their branding. With that information, the Blennd team could identify where improvements were needed and deliver a more modern, UX-focused design that would bring in more business and reflect their strengths.


Creating an engaging insurance comapny website design system.

Moody’s new insurance company website design system reflected the Rocky Mountain region — with dynamic visuals of the landscape, their customers, and their accomplishments. We updated their colors to bring more brightness to the site, and refreshed the fonts to add a more modern look to the branding. 

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/ Strategy

A people-first approach to insurance agency website design and strategy.

We took a strong strategic approach to the Moody Insurance Agency website design, defining unique service buckets, industries, and products that would bring maximum value to their audience. These were incorporated apparently in the site’s structure, allowing users to chose the path that aligned with their needs and get the right information seamlessly. A complete revamp of their site’s CMS and technology would address their site load speed, improving the site’s user retention right off the bat.

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/ Design

An insurance agency website design showcasing a robust history in the rocky mountain region.

The imagery was selected to reflect the community that Moody Insurance served — Colorado. Depictions of people enjoying the outdoors show the human side of their business and bring and warmth to the overall site. Through form fills and clear calls-to-action, the user experience was reconstructed to lead users to the right place.

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/ Traffic

Targeting the right people and converting website visitors into leads.

Moody Insurance works with Colorado companies within the construction, real estate, and energy industries, so their advertising targets people within those specific regions and fields. Blennd’s paid media team built location-specific, industry-specific, value-prop specific, and product-specific social media campaigns to draw in qualified local leads. These people looked like business owners with an interest in insurance and construction. Meanwhile, the insurance agency website continues to see growth in their organic traffic through ongoing SEO services. While their site launched with Blennd’s SEO best practices in-place, we continue to implement strategic page optimizations, technical SEO, and content to draw in new users through organic search.

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/ Tech

Creating a better user experience through custom website development.

The primary goal on the Moody website is completing the form to get in touch with their team. Blennd integrated the Moody team’s preferred form service, Cognito Forms to adapt to their processes. To engage audiences and enhance user experience, the development team implemented inline background video and UX animations, providing dynamic visuals as they navigated through pages.

/ Results

An insurance agency website designed to convert.

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SEO score 6 months post-launch

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