KIOSK: Website and Digital Marketing for a Tech Company

KIOSK: Website and Digital Marketing for a Tech Company

/ Overview

KIOSK Information Systems: tech product website design & digital strategy

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The Challenge

KIOSK Information Systems creates self-service solutions for businesses around the world.  While their technology remained cutting-edge, after a while their website began to show age. Their SEO was strong, but their navigation was confusing and the user experience was not designed to optimize conversions. On top of that, their sales strategies were shifting focus from custom KIOSKs to more standardized solutions.

Our Approach

Blennd began our strategy with KIOSK with an in-depth discovery. We needed to learn more about the current state of their business and uncover the needs of the new platform. What we discovered was a shift in priorities in their products, as well as a need for optimized lead generation and an improved UX design from top to bottom. Once we had an understanding of the KIOSK team’s desires, we jumped into research. 

Our SEO site audit found a solid number of low competition organic keywords. They were maintaining a great amount of traffic, and their market solutions pages performed really well. That meant that the strategy for our tech product website needed to maintain and improve these strengths. Areas that required attention were optimizing more pages to perform as well as their market solutions sections. They also needed tools that tracked goal completion and conversions. Plus, their content needed a boost to increase word count, and overall restructuring to better align with SEO best practices


A tech product website design system with refreshed colors and fonts.

The original KIOSK colors were fairly limited, so the Blennd design team introduced several complimentary colors that brought more diversity and brightness to the new site. 

KIOSK: Website and Digital Marketing for a Tech Company
KIOSK: Website and Digital Marketing for a Tech Company
KIOSK: Website and Digital Marketing for a Tech Company
KIOSK: Website and Digital Marketing for a Tech Company


/ Tech Product Website Strategy

Constructing a tech product website strategy focused on converting website traffic into leads.

In order to design the best tech product websites, the Blennd team needed to dig into a comprehensive brand strategy that met the needs of the KIOSK team and most importantly, thier target audiences. The Blennd design team works under an atomic design model, introducing the critical pieces of the puzzle first and getting initial buy-in on individual elements like color, fonts, icons, etc. Then, we structure them together into a final, full-fledged website design. During our strategy sessions, our designers identified the elements that would modernize the KIOSK website and optimize the user journey through mapped-out user flows. 

From a content perspective, the brand also received full a refresh, with a new vision statement, brand pillars, and voice and tone guidelines. The brand guide now acts as a comprehensive handbook to their business’ digital presence — delivered to any new marketing team member, content writer, designer, or manager that represents their brand. It ensures complete consistency across all platforms and creates a recognizable sound, look, and overall identity for everything they create. The brand strategy guide also acted as the Blennd team’s bible throughout the design, development, and content gathering process. 

KIOSK: Website and Digital Marketing for a Tech Company

/ Tech Product Web Design

Designing an interactive eCommerce tech product experience.

We started by optimizing their user journey to suit their new sales focus. The design team envisioned an e-commerce-adjacent experience, enabling visitors to “shop” the standard KIOSKs. To maintain the informative and high-ranking market solutions content, the primary pages and mega menu navigation would feature the top market solutions. Within those pages, we could feature the various KIOSK models and features that serve these markets, and introduce solutions/applications that directly meet the needs of users within those industries. Plus, with the help of contact forms in the footer of nearly every page, users could quickly jump into action and learn more about getting their own kiosk for their business. 

To organize such a large amount of pages and categories within the tech product website, Blennd’s web designers introduced a lot of color coordination. The navigation was separated into Solutions, Products & Services, About, and Resources, all assigned their own colors and silos within the site. This funneled users directly into the section of the website that best served their needs. 

KIOSK: Website and Digital Marketing for a Tech Company
KIOSK: Website and Digital Marketing for a Tech Company
KIOSK: Website and Digital Marketing for a Tech Company

/ Tech website development

Building an effective tech product website that allows users to easily navigate and compare products.

Some of the most impactful elements on KIOSK’s new tech product website are the image and video assets. We always recommend utilizing custom assets to bring an original look and feel to a client’s website that’s authentic to their brand and their people. To accomplish this, Blennd’s designer visited the KIOSK headquarters and led a photo and video shoot that captured the KIOSK team, their technology, and their dedication to the product. With a lot of video on a website comes large file sizes, so the development team made a point to optimize all assets for a solid site speed. These assets brought the new website to life, with bright, dynamic videos that show the impact of the company.

/ Results

Leading more people to transformative tech solutions.

site audit score, up 16% from the original audit

unique page designs

pages at launch

“I wanted the user to have a shopping experience. You can see from the product details alone it’s a lot like a checkout page. I wanted it to feel like they were browsing through and getting tech specs.”

– Brian Brookes, Senior UX/Web Designer

“Having custom assets is vital to having an authentic look and feel to a website. We provided artistic direction to photo and video shoots which really brought the website to life, because it showed off KIOSK features.”

– Ashley Lytle, Project Manager