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Blennd’s web design portfolio covers all aspects of your digital brand – our services go far beyond standard web design. As you’ll see in our case studies, we cover all elements of digital experience. It all starts with a comprehensive strategy. This includes a brand design system, which identifies the atomic elements of your design, from colors to font treatments, button styles, iconography, and more. 

We also provide a content strategy, where we define your brand voice and content guidelines to create stronger, more consistent messaging. Next, we deliver comprehensive tech stack recommendations, identifying the best tools, plugins, integrations, and other features to improve your user interface. After that, we jump into our search engine optimization strategy, presenting our findings on your site’s traffic and search engine ranking, and delivering recommendations to boost organic performance. 

Finally, we provide a digital marketing strategy, assessing your current paid media campaigns and providing a turnkey plan that aligns with your new digital experience and drives target audience members to your platform. Case studies in our web design portfolio highlight how we addressed unique client pain points through strategy, design, tech, and traffic.

Blennd partners with brands across industries, from tech companies to non-profits and everything in between. Explore our Tags to find case studies within your industry or based on your business’ needs. We’ve seen it all, and if it relates to your digital brands, chances are we can provide expertise.

Our approach to web design focuses strongly on user experience. A brand could have the coolest colors and scroll features, but if it isn’t structured for conversion, it’s working against you. This is where Blennd really shines – our holistic expertise in all things digital branding. We build rock-solid strategies, killer designs, and implement it all with the latest, highly functional tech. All these elements are accounted for in our web designs.

Yes, nearly every project we take on includes some level or branding. Our strategies provide recommendations to align with the latest design trends — as well as user experience and content strategy recommendations to maintain a modern and scalable brand. See our full branding portfolio for examples of our expertise and success in this area.

Click the “Explore Tags” button above to browse specific tags and case studies within your desired interests, industry, or service needs. You can also find a ton of helpful insights and information about our processes in our web design agency blog.

You’ll notice our case studies all include a brand design system. Blennd’s team takes an atomic approach to design and user experience. The “atoms” refer to the small, individual elements that make up a bigger “organism,” or larger visual brand identity. 

The design system identifies all those small pieces that come together to become your website design and user experience. It not only makes your visual branding consistent across all channels and marketing materials, but it also identifies reusable components that streamline the creation of new webpages and digital assets in the future.

Ultimately, these steps outline everything we need at the onset of a project, setting the stage for more efficient design, development, and maintenance down the line. Browse through our creative agency portfolio to see the results from this process.  

Blennd leverages WordPress for website builds. It is the largest, most trusted open-source CMS with thousands of possible integrations.

Our Tech team built a custom WordPress theme with modern development workflows and tools that support marketing enablement. The theme is Gutenberg compatible, and leverages dozens of block layouts and components for dynamic page content. We closely follow new releases and major updates in WordPress, and ensure your site is built to last.

While we utilize several preferred plugins, hosting, integrations, and more, we make additional technology recommendations based on your business and unique project needs. See some of the tech we’ve implemented in the past in our web development portfolio.

We build and test with WCAG 2.1 Accessibility standards from design to launch. We ensure all HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP implement the latest versions and best practices. All Blennd projects include thorough ADA Compliance testing. Our generalized checklist includes:

  • Color Contrast Audit
  • Document Outline & Heading Audit
  • Alt Text on Images Audit
  • Foreground/Background Image Usage Audit
  • Video Caption Audit
  • Tabbable / Keyboard Navigation Audit
  • Screen-Reader Text Audit

We include SEO and paid media planning in every strategy-first project. Whether you have an internal marketing and SEO team, or third-party partners, we can provide some insight into how to best position your platform to increase organic and paid traffic. Throughout the build, we implement SEO best practices to ensure your site is well-equipped to rank on search engine results pages post-launch.

If your team could use support in boosting traffic, our digital strategy agency also offers full-service SEO and paid media on an ongoing basis. We can optimize every aspect of your digital marketing, organic search strategy, and content to drive more traffic to your pages. Many of our website design clients become long-term partners through our ongoing offerings.

Browse through our marketing agency portfolio to see some of the SEO and paid media strategies implemented for clients in the past.

Blennd’s creative advertising portfolio is catered to your business’ unique initiatives and services. Our creative team works with your subject matter experts and builds campaigns geared toward specific goal completions. We pride ourselves not only in our outside-the-box creative work, but also the strategic campaign, placement and budget optimization that leads to true, measurable return on investment.

During the strategy phase, our team provides a design system, digital illustration services, and a sample web design to get a feel for the structure, and the look and feel of a page. Our digital illustrations include page wireframes, low-fi graphics, and other small design elements that make up a visual brand identity.

One of the major benefits of working with Blennd is the collaborative nature of our design sessions. Our designers utilize the Figma application, which allows real time changes directly on a design. During the design phase, our team can present a user experience, get feedback from your team, and implement that change within a single session while maintaining our UX best practices. The ability to collaboratively work through any needs in a web design streamlines the approval process and ensures everyone is on board with our proposed recommendations.

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