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/ Overview

Mobile application website design: reflecting a cutting-edge tech brand.

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The Challenge

TrackVia is an application-building platform that enables low-code/no code development for both citizen developers and IT pros. The company had carved out its niche in the industry, specializing in creating easy to build and launch apps across a range of channels. The apps they facilitated were getting results for their clients, but their own platform was not generating leads for their business. When they approached Blennd for a new digital strategy, their online presence was outdated and did not represent their cutting-edge brand and technology. TrackVia’s team was in need of a mobile application website design that converted users and spoke to their cutting-edge capabilities.

Our Approach

In a competitive industry, TrackVia needed to differentiate to maximize their potential. The technology spoke for itself, but their customer experience was largely undocumented. Through our strategy sessons, it became clear that Blennd needed to highlight what TrackVia brought to the table outside of their technical skills. With a plan in place, we were able to build a foundation for a digital experience that spoke to their users in a human-first manner and converted. 

For TrackVia’s mobile application website design, Blennd created a modern and accessible digital experience that focused on TrackVia’s client achievements. We also created optimized user paths by defining the industries they served and creating pages that spoke to those users. Within their buckets, audiences could download catered guides and resources — significantly improving user experience and conversions.

/ Design System

Creatively showcasing the mobile application website design.

One way we could immediately set TrackVia apart was to create a unique website design system that deviated from the norm within the tech industry. We leaned away from typical blues and opted for an eye-catching lime green, paired with sleek blacks and grays. Custom icon sets spoke to unique tasks and workflows through their platform.

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/ Strategy

A persona-focused strategy to showcase the ease of mobile application development.

Features and technical terms are important, but ultimately TrackVia is designed to make app development processes easier for real people. Most of these people are looking for an intuitive product that meets their business needs and comes together efficiently. Rather than focusing solely on the app technology, we showcased detailed success stories of businesses who used TrackVia to improve their processes and workflows. 

With these insights, users could see the “before and after” of using the platform — and even gain an understanding of the business impact. True, tangible stories provided a human side to their brand and added background to the capabilities and user experience with their product. Ultimately, this approach spoke to their actual range of audience. Some targets were techies, but others were just creative people who needed an easy-to-use tool to bring their idea to life. With both sides on the site, TrackVia could finally reach them all.

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/ Design

A personalized user-experience and mobile application website design to drive conversions and sign-ups.

From a user experience perspective, we wanted to ensure relevant and unique content was served to each user. That’s why we built a dynamic library of case studies that were categorized to appear on pages that were relevant to the user’s industry and vertical. This provided a distinct path for individuals within any industry. We added clear call-to-actions that ensured users knew exactly how to get started.

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/ Tech

Custom development and workflows to drive engagement and streamline content management.

TrackVia’s new website included a CRM integration, video testimonials, and more. Blennd developers integrated Pardot to track and manage leads from first touch through final sale. The result is a high-impact, accessible digital platform, running on robust infrastructure and optimized for every device — ideally positioned for an advanced app technology brand aimed at a global market.