Eisenstein Law: Creating a Conversion-Driven Lawyer Website Design

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Attorney website design & branding: modernizing a brand & increasing leads.

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The Challenge

As a strong player in an extremely competitive field, Eisenstein Law required an attorney website design and brand that enabled their personal injury law firm to gain more attention from potential clients and provide more information to those who needed it. Jake Eisenstein knew his target audience included vulnerable individuals who needed help through a tough time. That’s why he wanted his website to engage more people and reflect the firm’s empathy-first, human approach to consultation.

Our Approach

Eisenstein himself embodied a lot of the qualities that his business led with. Through discovery sessions with him, we uncovered key details about the industry and the brand we were building. It became clear that in order to build the best attorney website design possible, we needed to acquire assets that highlighted the Eisenstein team and showed users that they were in good hands.

The website strategy led with user flows that distinguished the firm’s key service buckets. This would not only help users find the right information, but create massive SEO opportunities in the future. We also made sure users knew exactly what to do to get in touch with Eisenstein Law and get started with a consultation.

/ Design System

A modern and authentic attorney
website design system.

Before Eisenstein strategy sessions began, our Senior UX Designer was inspired while traveling. He looked around the airport and thought about the imagery people took in throughout a trip. The Eisenstein website was ultimately inspired by the newspapers and headlines surrounding travelers while awaiting their next adventure. That is why we opted for a Times New Roman font and a hero reminiscent of a front page news story. The combination of an unmistakeable classic text style with the latest dynamic web design features enables a unique, timeless modern design system that nods to their industry experience and highlights their cutting-edge capabilities.



/ Strategy

Attorney website design and branding that puts users first and drives leads.

To engage Eisenstein Law’s users, we needed to understand them. Blennd’s attorney website design strategy focused on earning the trust of these people. The answer? Client testimonials, trust badges, and clearly displayed contingency fees highlighting that they charged no fee unless there is a recovery. The user experience needs to provide a clear path to a consultation with the firm. The solution? Clearly displayed contact call-to-actions and a form that enables the team to reach the website visitor seamlessly. Immediate information would also be made available through the Chatbot feature, which could answer quick questions and connect new users to a professional attorney.


/ Attorney Website Design

A modernized brand and attorney website design.

The primary focus of the Eisenstein Law attorney website design is to introduce new users to their team and start building a sense of trust. This is done primarily through photography and content. Pictures that showed Jake Eisenstein engaging with clients, working in Denver, and being immersed in the community showed his character and allowed people to better understand the lawyer they would be working with. Engaging sliders display their numerous accolades.

Users can also click through client testimonials to see past successes and gain a better understanding of other people’s experiences with the business. Combined with a user experience that leads customers to engage with the webforms, contact their office, and convert, their attorney website design is built for better outcomes. Content-heavy pages allowed plenty of information to new users and created a foundation for natural and effective content optimization for ongoing SEO services. 


/ Traffic

Creating a strong foundation for Attorney website SEO and digital marketing campaigns.

Throughout the attorney website design process, Blennd’s SEO team worked on optimizing the site structure, pages, and content for a better user experience. This resulted in a nearly unprecedented SEO score of 92% at launch. Post-launch, Eisenstein Law got started with ongoing SEO consulting services with Blennd, which boosted their site score to 96% only six months later. Informative optimized content keeps search engines engaged with the site and ranking their pages for relevant target keywords that convert users. Combined with our digital marketing services, more and more people have the resources to find the site to learn more about Eisenstein Law. 

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/ Results

Empowering further growth through ongoing attorney web design and digital marketing.

SEO site score six months post-launch 

increase in organic keywords six months post-launch

increase in visits between Jan 2021 and Jan 2022

“We had to strategize the user experience at the onset of the project to understand: what pieces of technology are we going to use? Is an API necessary here? Do we have to write custom plugins? Will we have to build a strategy to bring in a blog post from a different CMS?”

– Colin Mulligan, Web Developer