Colorado Trial Lawyers: Enhancing Legal Marketing through Call Tracking

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To improve lead management, Colorado Trial Lawyers partnered with Blennd and implemented the Call Rail tracking system. This move provided the firm with a deeper understanding of lead dynamics and helped optimize digital marketing tactics, enhancing the performance of their advertising platforms. As a result, the firm achieved more targeted and efficient advertising campaigns.


Colorado Trial Lawyers grappled with the complexities of quantifying the quality of their leads and precisely assessing the return on investment (ROI) from their diverse marketing efforts. The need was clear: a robust solution that could unearth deep insights into lead quality and conversion metrics, empowering the firm to make well-informed, data-driven decisions in their digital marketing strategies.


In response to these challenges, Blennd integrated the Call Rail tracking system, focusing on the tracking and analysis of lead data. This system became a cornerstone in distinguishing between qualified and unqualified leads, thereby sharpening the focus of the firm’s marketing efforts and enabling more targeted marketing optimizations.

Learning and Adaptation

The initial stages of implementation revealed a low qualification rate, with only 14.2% of leads deemed qualified in the first month. However, in the second month, there was a noteworthy surge in efficiency, with a qualification rate soaring to 50%. This momentum slightly adjusted to a stable 44.4% by the third month, although it experienced a dip to 28% in the fourth month, showcasing the dynamic nature of lead management and the need for continuous adjustment in digital marketing strategies.

Impact in Paid Media

  • Increased Qualified Leads: The percentage of qualified leads improved monthly, from 13.8% to 35.8%.
  • Reduced Costs: The law firm achieved a 12% month-over-month reduction in Cost Per Click (CPC) and a 12.02% decrease in Cost Per Conversion.
  • Enhanced Engagement: The Click-Through Rate (CTR) improved by 1.12% month-over-month, indicating more effective engagement through refined marketing tactics.

Post-Implementation Results

The implementation of data analysis significantly reduced unqualified leads and improved overall lead quality and conversion rates, demonstrating the effectiveness of data-driven decision-making in refining digital marketing strategies. Additionally, the conversion of high-value leads from paid media sources markedly increased ROI, highlighting the success of the solutions in enhancing lead quality and maximizing marketing investment returns. The client’s satisfaction with these results emphasizes the importance of understanding lead sources and conversion paths. Armed with insights into lead behavior and conversion patterns, Colorado Trial Lawyers are now better equipped to allocate resources effectively and enhance their client acquisition strategies.

Client Satisfaction and Insights

The feedback from Colorado Trial Lawyers was overwhelmingly positive. The law firm appreciated the depth of insights provided by call tracking into lead sources and conversion paths, which facilitated:

  • Accurate Lead Tracking: Enabling monthly monitoring and evaluation of leads.
  • Trend Identification: This allows the firm to recognize patterns and optimize marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Cost and Value Calculation: Providing precise measurements of cost per lead and average client value.
  • Tactic Refinement: Adjusting marketing tactics and platforms based on comprehensive data insights.

Scalability and Growth 

The scalability of the implemented solutions underscores the potential for leveraging data-driven insights for ongoing improvement and growth. By understanding the dynamics of their leads and reallocating resources to high-value channels, Blennd has played a pivotal role in maximizing the client’s ROI and illustrating the effectiveness of strategic analysis and optimization in lead generation and conversion.

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The collaboration between Blennd and Colorado Trial Lawyers epitomizes the transformative impact of integrating advanced tracking systems like Call Rail in optimizing lead management processes. This example highlights the importance of data-driven decision-making in enhancing marketing efficiency and bolstering client acquisition strategies. If you're looking to revolutionize your digital marketing efforts and drive significant improvements in ROI, contact Blennd today to discover how our solutions can elevate your business to new heights.

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