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Where people and businesses go to grow.

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Unlocking opportunity.
Driving results.

Blennd is more than a website design agency. It’s where talented people and businesses go to grow. Where we don’t just take clients or hire for jobs, we help professionals find freedom. Together we make the impossible, possible. Whether you’re a Fortune 500, a tech startup, or a talented human; this is a place you go to build, make change, and scale to unprecedented heights.

We harness the power of creative intuition and data-driven strategy to craft memorable brand experiences that transform perception, strengthen brands, and drive change for tech companies. Consumers look to brands for inspiration and innovation — that’s why we meet users where they are — to deliver the right message at the right moment. Through storytelling and UX-focused utility, our custom website development introduces audiences to your unique value.

Our digital agency culture is iterative and collaborative. Through our strategy-first approach, Blennd engages with clients as subject matter experts and allies, then our team provides insights and solutions that take your brand to the next level. Once we have a rock-solid blueprint, we build a digital experience that delivers measurable results for your tech company. We focused on long-term opportunities that solve the immediate needs of today.

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We believe in what we do,
and we have fun doing it.

Together we succeed.

Collaboration is the key to our success, collectively we create amazing outcomes.

We are all designers.

Design is a collaborative experience that solves everyday problems.

Strategy breeds execution.

Comprehensive strategies, rooted in research and expertise, lead to best-in-class solutions.

Make an impact.

Every process and product we implement maximizes the end result.

Be authentic.

Build genuine connections to illuminate the path forward and grow together.

Shape the future.

If we don’t rethink everything, we change nothing.

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Leading the way.

Meet our team of talented, passionate and creative people. We collaborate to shape best-in-class solutions for your technology brand. Through connection and clarity, Blennd builds digital experiences that are easy to navigate and impossible to ignore.



Co-Founder & CEO

Chris Kuhn Chris Kuhn


Co-Founder & COO

Brittany Ansay Brittany Ansay


Technical Lead

Eva Marie Eva Marie

Eva Marie

Digital Marketing Strategist



SEO Manager

Hailey Hailey


Sr. Project Manager

Brandon Brandon


Project Manager

Betsy Cummings Betsy Cummings


HR Coordinator & Office Manager

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We build a blueprint for success at the onset of every project.

Website Strategy Strategy meeting Woman interacting with computer Heatmap tablet Strategy Laptop Rocket Launch
Strategy meeting

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We create best-in-class designs that convert and inspire.

design presentation Design elements screen Website design mobile site design Design colors Design icons
design presentation

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We leverage cutting-edge technology to transform business processes.

writing at whiteboard developer coding office hallway computer chips computer code
computer code

/ What We Do


We implement effective methodologies to bring people to your brand.

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paid media computer

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