What is Google AMP Content? What is an AMP Website?

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What is Google AMP Content? What is an AMP Website? Why is AMP so important? The answers to these questions involve accessibility, mobile devices and search engine results pages (SERPs). AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages and its underlying purpose is to provide mobile users with mobile-optimized content. We invite you to discover a little bit more about Google AMP content and how it relates to responsive web design and search engine optimization strategies.

What is Google AMP Content?

What is Google AMP Content? Google AMP content provides users with mobile-friendly web pages generally accessed directly from SERPs, such as Google. According to AMPProject.org,

"[AMP] enables the creation of websites and ads that are constantly fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms"

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

In the mobile-first world we currently live in, it's become increasingly relevant to serve users with mobile-optimized content. Google first announced its accelerated mobile pages (AMP) project in late 2015. There were many large Internet companies that backed the project during its launch, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and WordPress. Since then, Google has made a big push to have the entire Internet community begin leveraging the AMP project across the Web. You can read more about the open source project at AMPProject.org.

Google AMP Website Indicated by Icon in SERP

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Fast & Responsive

Google AMP is intended to optimize the user experience specifically through:

  • Mobile-optimized websites;
  • Mobile-optimized advertisements;
  • Responsive text and image content;
  • Webpages with reduced HTML code;

What is an AMP Website?

What is an AMP Website? An AMP website is built using a special coding language known as AMP HTML.  For the most part, an AMP website is built using standard HTML tags with some additional AMP HTML components. The end-result is a fast-loading mobile-friendly webpage. Typically, AMP websites are provided as an alternative to the main desktop version of the website.

How does AMP Work?

Why Do We Need AMP Content?

Your website needs AMP content for a few reasons. Perhaps the most important reason to use AMP content is for SEO. In 2017, Google began implementing updates to its algorithm to rank domains with AMP content higher than those without it. Our Denver search engine optimization team recommends AMP content whenever possible. Another reason for AMP content is providing a mobile-friendly user experience. For users with data or speed restrictions, AMP content provides a streamlined experience with faster loading times.

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We hope we've answered your question, "What is Google AMP," and provided you with insight into the project. If you're ready to get started with your own AMP website, our Denver web design team can help. Hire us to help you develop high-quality AMP content, today!

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