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/ Overview

IT web design services: strategizing and building an IT website

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The Challenge

Inflow Communications is a unified communications as a service (CaaS) provider and contact center as a service (CCaaS) technology partner that needed comprehensive web design services to get ahead. As a big player in an extremely competitive industry landscape, their new platform required strong branding that set them apart from the competition and highlighted their unique value within the industry.

Our Approach

Inflow’s original website consisted of over 1,000 pages, many of which were un-nested orphan pages, which really hindered the user experience. They earned a lot of traffic on the site, but many were not converting due to poor user experience. Users couldn’t properly navigate and didn’t understand the breadth of services to guide, execute, and optimize their business technology.

To address all of these issues, the Blennd team jumped into building a comprehensive website strategy. We conducted a full sitemap audit that encompassed every page and determined where they lived (if they lived anywhere). We assessed over 1000 URLs and used a number ranking system to group pages and identify which templates needed to accommodate them. This resulted in a much leaner, user-friendly site map that better served and directed users, with organized breadcrumb systems and meaningful content.

/ Design System

Breaking norms in IT
web design.

Inflow’s design system intentionally disrupted the norm for IT web design services. Blennd’s designers selected colors that steered away from typical “IT blue”. The rounded edges in their fonts and features make their services feel more approachable and human.

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/ Strategy

An IT web design strategy that showcases a professional and approachable IT company.

Strategy sessions began with discovery calls with the Inflow team. Through those, it was clear that they were a group of true IT experts who liked their job. They led with empathy and wanted their website to reflect their people-first support and services.

As part of our research, the Blennd team dropped a heat mapping tool on their original website. Unusually, they found a ton of people lingered on a customer service infographic on the homepage. It appeared that visitors were really honing in on the services that their UCaaS/CCaaS partner could provide. These factors steered our overall design and branding strategy that highlighted customer support and thoroughly explained their services.



Building a dynamic and authentic visual identity with IT web design services.

Blennd’s designers began by centering the user experience around three service tiers — guidance, execution, and optimization. This spoke to the need for better support resources without relying on overused infographics. While many IT company design services lean toward sharp, masculine features, we decided to introduce more feminine, rounded edges through the colors, fonts, icons, and photo treatments. Combined, these deliver better brand differentiation and speak to their kind, people-first approach.


/ IT website development

A streamlined sitemap, engaging custom animations and improved user experience.

Through the development process, the Blennd team streamlined the Inflow sitemap to improve the user experience. We migrated a 600 page blog, implemented location pages for Google My Business, and conducted a domain change that spoke more to their technology solutions. Our developers and UI designers worked together to create engaging custom animations to highlight Inflow’s process and differentiators. At launch, their IT website had a refreshed design, logical structure, and optimized content that spoke authentically to their brand and customers.

/ Results

A people-first approach to IT web design.

pages audited

increase in avg. session duration (30 days pre & post-launch)

new goal completions from organic search (30-days post-launch)

“If their clients don’t understand that they’re more than just sales people — and that they’re actually an extension of the client to provide recommendations and managed support — they’ll never understand how unique and valuable Inflow is as a company. That’s where we came in, through our strategy, audit, and content writing we were able to bring that message front and center for their clients.”

– Ian Mazza, Sr. Operations Manager

“We wanted to give them a website that says ‘we’re here to help,’ ‘we’re here to guide you through these things.’ That approach was very inspirational to me in the design style.”

– Brian Brookes, Sr. UX/Web Designer