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Our data-driven content strategy agency aligns your content marketing efforts to real business results.


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Content is king. Our content strategy agency can help you deliver.

Create quality content strategies that attract, engage, and build trust with your target customers.

Content strategy is one of the most undervalued, yet important aspects of a business’s marketing plan. It’s how your customers find you, how you keep them engaged, and how you convert them into leads and loyal customers. There is also much more to a successful content strategy than just writing great content.

At Blennd, we align your content strategy to real business objectives – enabling you to create content that solves your audience’s pain points and helps you achieve your goals.

Tailoring your content marketing strategy to business objectives makes it easy to prove the ROI of your content marketing efforts every step of the way.

To reach your business goals, you need a well-defined content strategy that not only puts content in front of your users, but optimizes each piece for your target audience.

Blennd is a content strategy agency that helps organizations align their marketing efforts for maximum reach, engagement, and value.

Take the guesswork out of content strategy

A successful content strategy aligns your content marketing efforts to help you reach your business goals. This process ensures that every piece of content that your brand releases feels cohesive, relatable, and serves a purpose.

Your website, social media and email marketing efforts should work together to tell different parts of the same story and create an emotional connection to your brand. The foundation of your brand’s messaging should remain the same no matter the vehicle or distribution channel.

At Blennd, our content strategy process begins with collaboration. We facilitate discovery sessions with key stakeholders to understand the motivations, values, and vision that moves the content strategy forward.

A thoughtful content strategy answers the following questions:

  • What is your brand story?
  • Who is your target audience and what is important to them?
  • What channels will we use to deliver content?
  • How can we optimize the value of your content?
  • How and when should we create new content?

The answers to these questions help us decide what content to produce, which channels to prioritize, who creates each piece of content, how we distribute content, and how to optimize our efforts for maximum reach and value.

We develop a digital content strategy and content calendar based on these insights and then work to find cross-team alignment to carry out this renewed brand vision across content distribution channels.

Website Content Strategy

During the initial research phase, we take a deep look at each piece of your marketing matrix to find opportunities to improve and innovate. This starts with your website since this is usually the hub of your online content and where visitors are most likely to interact with your brand.

We conduct an audit of your website to identify the current state of your content and how it is performing. Then, we develop a roadmap and provide recommendations based on consumer needs, content writing best practices, and the company vision established in our initial collaboration sessions.

Content calendar creation

Our content strategy agency works with you to create a well-rounded content calendar for articles that will keep your blog content fresh, timely, and diverse. We prioritize long-term planning so that your internal teams have enough capacity and resources to carry out the content roadmap.

After establishing the overall website content strategy and content creation plan, we work with you to create a distribution strategy that outlines how content will be shared with your target audience. We create a plan for each and every piece of content that you publish, to build a strong brand presence in the market.

SEO content strategy

In order to get noticed by search engines, your website and blog posts need to be optimized for search results based on popular keywords that have a high search volume.

At Blennd, we will work with you to build an SEO strategy focused on long tail keywords that best align with your business. We follow best practices to identify gaps in the market and use your competitive advantage as fuel for our SEO services.

Our SEO content plan is centered around driving traffic to the most important pages on your website. In addition to writing content, we optimize page titles, meta descriptions and technical SEO to carry out a consistent SEO strategy at all touchpoints. When all of your content speaks the same language, you’ll have a better chance of getting picked up by Google because of the high-quality of your site’s SEO content.

Work with an experienced content strategy agency

At the end of the day, content strategy is about user experience. How do you want your users to feel when interacting with your brand?

Blennd partners with businesses to build growth through strategic content stratgies. Contact us to learn more

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