Enso Motion: Creating a Modern eComm Website Design

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/ Overview

eCommerce web design: boosting sales for an innovative product.

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The Challenge

Enso Motion develops premium architectural casters that combine intricate engineering with a sleek minimalist design. Originally, they had a simple, out of box website and their business was focused on B2B relationships (the most notable being Google). The Enso team reached out to Blennd to reimagine their digital presence and target products directly to consumers.

Our Approach

In order to properly display these casters to consumers, we needed to build a foundation for an engaging eCommerce experience on their digital platform. Through our strategy sessions, Blennd’s team tactfully positioned the Enso Motion brand to enter the B2C market.

Through a series of strategic planning meetings, subject matter expert documentation, and custom design sessions, we forged a distinct and modern brand that highlighted the unique benefit of their product. Our strategy-first approach gave us a map to efficiently build a highly modern and proficient eCommerce website with many custom features.

/ eCommerce Web Design System

A zen-inspired eCommerce web design system to creatively showcase the product.

For Enso’s eCommerce web design system, Blennd opted for white, black, gray, and red colors, providing a clean pallet to display their products without distraction. Rounded fonts and organic shapes allowed users to scroll smoothly and focus on the the products they were shopping for. 

enso mockup

/ Strategy

An all-inclusive digital eCommerce strategy to launch an innovative new product.

Through our strategy sessions, the Blennd team laid out a plan to target both B2B and B2C audiences. The website’s user experience needed to cleanly display the products, their specs, and provide insight into the way this item moved and felt through imagery and word alone. To properly display item inventory and protect user information, we developed custom tech solutions that made purchase seamless and completely secure. 

On top of that, paid media advertising would target audiences directly and lead them to the site to learn more and purchase. To improve ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), the SEO team jumped into strategic page optimization, inserting high-volume keywords that B2C customers enter into search engines. With all these items leading users to their new site, there was a clear path to significant growth. 


/ eCommerce website design

Embracing minimalist design elements to create a user-friendly eCommerce experience.

The word “Enso” has Buddhist origins, referring to a simple, hand-drawn circle that symbolizes freedom of the mind and speaks to zen minimalism. This concept inspired much of the clean, uncluttered, minimalist design on the Enso website.

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/ Tech

eCommerce website development: world-class shopping and shipping features to making buying easy.

The resulting website is not just state-of the-art, it is highly technological with advanced shipping functionality to better fulfill orders. Enso is now a B2C competitor presenting a high-quality product that is differentiated not only by the product itself, but by its elite digital presence designed to dominate their competition.


/ Traffic

eCommerce digital marketing and SEO to drive traffic and increase revenue.

After launching the site, along with a complete paid media campaign, Enso attracted over 1000 new site visitors within one month and reached a 325% increase in checkout conversions in 90-days. Ongoing conversion rate optimization changes have elevated Google Ads conversion rate to 8.1%.

/ Results

A massively successful eCommerce website launch and digital marketing campaign.

New site visitors in one month

Increase in page views

Increase in checkout conversions