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Custom website design services that transform brands and their digital capabilities. See how our design systems and UX-focused web designs produce measurable results for businesses.

Brand Design Systems: What They Are & Why They Matter for Your Company

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How to Choose a Web Design Company

Your business’ website design is often your audience’s first impression of your brand. How is it holding up? With other important day-to-day tasks taking up the bulk of your team’s time, maintaining and updating the company website can often fall to the wayside. However, to stay competitive is the modern marketplace, this cannot be the case. Moving forward, businesses that remain up to date with technology and branding are the entities that will succeed in the digital space. Blennd is a custom website design company that delivers custom website design services to bring more people to your platforms and grow your business.

Custom Website Design: Starting with a Strategy

Blennd takes a strategy-first approach to website design services. Our process starts by first learning about your business through our discovery process. In this meeting, we uncover details about the current state of your business and brand directly from your subject matter experts. We ask about your current branding, colors, logos, technology, media, SEO, content, and beyond. Then, we discuss the future state. What steps can we take to bring this digital brand to the next level? Ultimately it results in a website design Denver tech startups and Fortune 500s can rely on to improve user experience and achieve better outcomes.

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An Atomic Approach to Web Design Services

The atomic approach to custom website design begins by identifying the individual “atoms” of a design system. These look like the color swatches, the fonts, the button styles, the icons, and beyond. They are individual elements that become integral pieces of the overall branding and design. With that, we can begin to bring those atoms together into bigger pieces, which eventually become page designs and layouts. Starting small allows our designers to identify clear, unique design elements that align with your modern brand identity and sets you apart from competitors.

Our Custom Website Design Services Methodology


What does the strategy-first process look like? Once we work with your team through the discovery, we can jump into our own research. Blennd’s design, tech, and traffic teams look at the analytics on your current website, uncovering what users engage with, what they find confusing, and what they miss altogether. Diving into your unique audience is a crucial step in building the strategy. Who are we speaking to? What do they care about? How can we make conversion as seamless as possible for these users? With that information, we identify any new web design services, products, and initiatives that should be highlighted in the new platform. Ultimately, these data-driven digital strategies create a foundation for the entire website design project ahead.


A website design company provides the boost your business needs to differentiate in the digital space. In our strategy, Blennd’s Denver website designers present the atomic elements of your new design system. Then we deliver recommendations for media choices, and other asset gathering, such as photo and video shoots. With the help of our Denver website design company, your business can access brand-aligned imagery that draws in users and brings your platform to life. Plus, we present a homepage desktop and mobile design sample so you can see those elements in-action. As a full-service web design agency, once we get your team’s buy-in on design, we can jump into development and start building an eye-catching, fully optimized platform.


One of the most common issues for our incoming clients is outdated technology. This not only impacts the user experience but can also pose problems when it comes to the security of your website. From selecting the right CMS hosting platform, to boosting website speed and performance, to reorganizing website architecture for ideal outcomes, Blennd’s tech team delivers business strategy insights and recommendations based on the latest technology. We have a full team of developers on-staff to make the vision highlighted in the website design a reality through strategic tech implementation. By remaining up to date on the best tools, we can create better outcomes at launch.


Traffic encompasses the SEO, paid media, and content implemented for your website. The traffic strategy begins with an audit of your current platform. The SEO team looks at your sitemap, site health score, organic traffic, keywords, and more. We identify the strengths that we can build on and create solutions for any weaknesses. Every website built through Blennd follows SEO best practices to ensure it is set up for better search engine ranking at launch. The Paid Media team also identifies creative solutions to boost your business’ visibility to key audiences through targeted advertising campaign strategies with a meaningful message. Finally, the content team provides voice and tone recommendations, writing style guidelines, and page copy to bring your business’ content to the next level. All deliverables are optimized to engage your audience, rank well on search engines, and convert users.

Custom Website Design Services Recommendations

Blennd provides additional recommendations to fully optimize your website for every user. For example, we take ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance into consideration within every phase of custom website design. Color contrast, proper alt image descriptions, and accessible keyboard actions are a few steps that make the site more compliant, and in turn more accessible to more people, regardless of physical, auditory, cognitive, visual, neurological, or speech impairment.

Building a UX-Focused Website Design That Converts

User experience is a crucial element of web design that can be the difference between a sale and a bounce. Your audience needs to know how to navigate to find the information they need and convert. So much of this comes down to proper user experience navigation and solid technology. Creating engaging and prominent calls-to-action provides a path to the next logical step in the user journey. Tools like optimized menus and forms let people know what your business offers, and provides an easy means to get information or a quote for services. On eCommerce platforms, the user experience must be the top priority, because without a seamless shopping experience, your users will click away to the next competitor.

Check out Blennd’s creative agency portfolio to see how our web designers addressed complex user experience issues with previous clients – and the results achieved through our custom website design services.

User Testing and Ongoing Services

Once your website is designed, developed, and optimized, we can make further improvements through UX user testing strategies – both pre- and post-launch. This means working with real people within your target audience and having them try out the site themselves. That way, we can get real, honest feedback from the personas who actually use your platform and services. That information goes directly back into the site, creating new paths for conversion, and even tools that improve their experience if needed.

Plus, ongoing SEO services and paid media services through Blennd maintain a stream of organic and paid traffic to the platform. We build social media campaigns that target your audience members and create optimized content that boosts your organic ranking. Blennd also offers WordPress maintenance services to keep your technology up-to-date and secure and address any issues that arise over time.

Custom Website Design: Get Started

Ready to start building a strategy with Blennd’s industry-leading custom web design services? Get in touch with our brand strategy agency to start finding solutions. We create custom website design Denver-based and national businesses can rely on for significant growth in their digital presence. If your business could benefit from working with a dedicated custom website design company, let’s chat about possibilities today.

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