Cain Travel: Modernizing the Website for a Travel Company

Cain Travel: Modernizing the Website for a Travel Company

/ Overview

Travel Agency Website Design & Digital Strategy

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The Challenge

Cain Travel is a leading travel agency in Boulder, Colorado. While they provide traditional travel planning services for vacations and leisure, over the years their specializations evolved to focus largely on corporate travel and meeting/event coordination. Throughout that time, Cain Travel adapted to the latest technology — implementing a cutting-edge client portal to organize trips and countless other features to enable seamless oversight. While their technology greatly exceeded the industry standard, their travel agency website design continued to portray an outdated digital presence.

Our Approach

Cain’s travel agency website development process began with a comprehensive website strategy. We started by gathering data on their current platform, adding a heat mapping tool to identify what users interacted with most. Blennd’s SEO team ran a site audit to determine their site’s performance metrics and uncovered the highest value pages, spotted pitfalls that could affect their organic search, and gauged their overall site health. From those insights, we were able to provide data-driven recommendations to improve their user experience, optimize their pages, and increase the power of their digital platforms.

Once we had a solid understanding of the website’s needs from the backend, we were able to jump into the updated identity through our branding strategy sessions. The Blennd team worked with Cain Travel’s experts to identify the company’s core values and the direction their brand needed to go to reflect their current capabilities. We collaborated to build a map of how the brand should live, sound, and look to accurately represent Cain’s people, services, and technology.

/ Design System

A Timeless Modern
Design System 

Before Cain strategy sessions began, our Senior UX Designer was inspired while traveling. He looked around the airport and thought about the imagery people took in throughout a trip. The Cain website was ultimately inspired by the newspapers and headlines surrounding travelers while awaiting their next adventure. That is why we opted for a Times New Roman font and a hero reminiscent of a front page news story. The combination of an unmistakeable classic text style with the latest dynamic web design features enables a unique, timeless modern design system that nods to their industry experience and highlights their cutting-edge capabilities.

Cain Travel: Modernizing the Website for a Travel Company
Cain Travel: Modernizing the Website for a Travel Company
Cain Travel: Modernizing the Website for a Travel Company
Cain Travel: Modernizing the Website for a Travel Company
Cain Travel: Modernizing the Website for a Travel Company


/ Strategy

Synthesizing the insights to create a seamless user experience.

Once we gathered the quantitative data from our heat mapping and auditing tools — and qualitative data from our subject matter experts on the Cain Travel team — we took that information and created a strategy for the project ahead. The research showed that Cain’s client support section was getting a ton of interaction, but it was located way down in the site footer. Their COVID-19 travel resources also earned a lot of attention — they frequently updated information for every airline and added the latest mandates to help their travelers. 

An additional key feature was HubSpot integration. The Cain team used the customer relationship management (CRM) tool for a lot of their internal processes and wanted to seamlessly utilize it through their platform — particularly for the contact form and blog. These insights and requirements played a pivotal role in the user journey mapping and travel agency website development. 

Cain Travel: Modernizing the Website for a Travel Company

/ Design

A modern, colorful travel website that is engaging and easy to navigate.

The user experience for Cain’s travel agency website design is centered around their primary personas  — those interested in corporate travel, meetings and events, and vacations and leisure. Above the fold on the homepage, the new website qualifies users immediately, allowing them to identify their intent and get more information on their desired service.

A full-page takeover navigation menu provides a more detailed breakdown of services. Meanwhile, the Client Support button is prominently displayed, providing resources for common customer inquiries and contact information for those that want to get in touch with the team directly. COVID-19 information displays as a notification bar, allowing users to easily navigate to the latest updates. Cain’s new strategy-driven design paved the way for efficient and effective travel agency website development.

Cain Travel: Modernizing the Website for a Travel Company
Cain Travel: Modernizing the Website for a Travel Company
Cain Travel: Modernizing the Website for a Travel Company

/ Tech

Travel agency website development that captivates users and makes updates effortless for admins.

Throughout the travel agency website development, the Blennd team utilized the website and brand strategy to build a highly effective user experience. With the integration of HubSpot, Cain’s customers could quickly submit a form and immediately transfer into their sales funnel. Internally, Cain’s team could add a blog post directly through their preferred CRM — boosting their website’s authority and in turn improving their SEO. Pre-launch, the Blennd team jumped into a thorough QA process, where design, development, and client teams sweep the site and identify any outstanding fixes. Finally, the SEO team performs an audit to uncover any invisible issues before the site goes live.

/ Results

A modern and effective travel agency website design.

SEO site health at launch.

unique page designs

new organic keywords (1 month post-launch)

“We reviewed user testing and looked at their Hotjar data to see where a lot of users were clicking. It turned out their customer support tab was a major hit zone, so we decided to elevate the customer support bar in the main navigation and architecture to allow that entry point to be more prominent.”

– Brittany Ansay, Sr. Web Developer

“The new site is cleaner, it’s easier to navigate, and it presents information in a way that’s easier to see and understand. It’s less cluttered, less clunky, and users can find where they need to go in a more streamlined manner.”

– Colin Mulligan, Web Developer