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web development trends 2018

The top web development trends in 2018 can help you gain the competitive advantage. Click to learn more about current technology trends in web development.

The top web development trends in 2018 can help your business gain the competitive advantage. If your business is interested in building a top-notch website, it's important to future-proof your development strategies. Being one step ahead is the only sure way to maintain your foothold over your fellow competitors online. At Blennd, we leverage the latest digital marketing trends to deliver exceptional services to quality brands around the world. In the following article, "Web Development Trends 2018," we'll give you an inside look into the top strategies our team has been developing:

Web Development Trends 2018

  1. Improve Responsiveness with Mobile-First Development
  2. Enhance SERP Appearance with Structured Data Markup
  3. Boost Engagement and Decrease Bounce Rate with Usability Tracking
  4. Optimize website conversion rate with persona-based landing pages
  5. Increase Keyword Rankings with Google AMP Content

Web Design Trends 2018

It may be helpful to make the distinction between web development and web design trends in 2018. While both fields are closely related, 'development' refers to the technical side and 'design' refers to the creative side of the website. Our creative team leverages the most relevant web design trends 2018 has to offer to provide captivating, engaging and responsive web design services. From eye-catching dynamic graphics to captivating page layouts, web design goes hand-in-hand with the development process. Now, let's take a look at the web development trends 2018 brings to the table:

Current Technology Trends in Web Development

current technology trends in web development

Improve Responsiveness with Mobile-First Development

It's no secret that the current development of technology usage is fueled by mobile devices. For this reason, it's more important now than ever to leverage mobile web development. If your website looks great on desktop but needs some work on mobile layouts, you aren't taking full advantage of your market. Building sites from a mobile-first perspective has become one of the most crucial web development trends in 2018. When developing for mobile devices, creating a standardized use experience across all devices lends to brand recognition, trust and loyalty.

At Blennd, we incorporate responsive website design and development strategies to ensure your content is optimized for displays of all sizes.

TIP: Test your mobile usability using Google Search Console.

Enhance SERP Appearance with Structured Data Markup

Structured data markup language is evolving into one of the most common web development trends 2018 will see. Using structured data -- also known as Schema -- developers can provide specific sets of information to search engines about a webpage. This information lets search engines index your site with a better understanding of the content it contains. Developers can embed structured data using three different markup specifications, including Microdata, JSON-LD and RDFa. The end result being the website may be featured via rich snippets in search engine results pages (SERPs). It's also worth mentioning that Schema is required in order to deliver SEO Voice Search results -- another emerging trend.

If you'd like to incorporate structured data into your website, contact Blennd to get started today.

TIP: Learn more about developing Schema in our guide, "What are rich snippets?"

web design trends 2018

Boost Engagement and Decrease Bounce Rate with Usability Tracking

As seen in 2017, data is also one of the biggest web development trends of 2018. The more businesses know about their website traffic, the more they know about their customers. Gaining a clear understanding of how your users interact with your website helps you improve the user experience. Tracking pixels, traffic analytics and heat-mapping are just a few website development trends related to usability. Gathering usability data empowers your business to make improvements to your overall user experience.

If you're interested in decreasing your bounce rate, get in touch with our Denver web developers today.

TIP: Leverage Google Search Console and Analytics to better understand user behavior.

Optimize website conversion rate with persona-based landing pages

You can further improve user engagement by delivering contextual information to your audience. Establishing a strong and well-defined persona for both you and your customers improves the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns. Experience-based landing pages enable you to send the right users to the right services which in turn lends to website conversion optimization. Create more relevant call-to-actions to drive your users to completing your goals by focusing on one customer persona at a time.

Our team researches the best web development trends of 2018 to help your company gain the competitive advantage.

TIP: Discover how to increase website conversion rate with our comprehensive tutorial.

Increase Keyword Rankings with Google AMP Content

As a result of Google's algorithm updates, the AMP Project will be among the most talked about web development trends of 2018. AMP content is specifically designed for mobile devices yet it differs from mobile optimization in that AMP uses its own special version of HTML -- known as AMP HTML. Developers working to improve keyword rankings for websites should consider incorporating AMP content. SERPs will rank a keyword higher than competitors if there is an AMP version of the page available.

Hire Blennd to improve your SERP rankings with effective AMP content development.

TIP: For more information on the AMP Project, read our recent article, "What is Google AMP Content?"

Web Development Trends 2018: Let Blennd Implement the Latest Strategies with your Website

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