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In general, websites for educational institutions are notoriously outdated and underutilized. However, when organizations put a dedicated focus on their higher education branding, they have the resources to foster significant growth. Within educational institutions, there are typically many moving parts, and numerous people adding and changing content within the platform. This unlimited-admin approach enables huge disparities between content for different departments, programs, and other segments of the platform. For many organizations, this inconsistency is difficult to address, there is a lot of information added constantly, and sometimes there are decades’ worth of orphaned pages and outdated content piled up on the site. 

Through our higher education branding, Blennd aims to bring some much needed organization and consistency to all of the imagery and content published on an institution’s website. We take sitemaps and consolidate them to remove any unnecessary pages and update the important ones to provide valuable information that speaks to target audiences and leads them to conversion. We also provide a clear guide for all additions to the website to exponentially improve branding moving forward. 

Blennd’s brand style guides provide a definitive resource for all higher education branding. We deliver a comprehensive book that highlights the crucial guidelines for the brand’s design system, photos, graphics, and even content writing rules. This ensures that anyone that represents your brand has a clear understanding of how content should sounds and look and sound to accurately reflect your organization. Details like these provide a cohesive and most importantly, highly impactful experience for potential students who view your platform.

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