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Blennd is a B2B branding agency who takes businesses to the next level with branding, personas, and technical web design. Click to learn about B2B branding.

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Blennd is a B2B branding agency that creates digital experiences for tech-focused businesses. Online research is a key step in the business-to-business buyer journey, and your website is the primary representation of your digital brand. If your platform is outdated, chances are your audience’s initial brand perception reflects that. Fortunately, with the right strategy, your B2B website can enter the digital age for better businesses outcomes. 

When it comes to B2B websites, we take the time to learn about your buyers. We need to understand their needs, anticipate what they want to learn, and make conversion seamless. A well-mapped user experience is key to accomplish this. To find the right path for your users, we look to research on your current website, dropping heat mapping tools that identify the action items people are drawn to. We also look at competitors within the industry and gain insights into what they’re doing right and what we can improve upon. 

Ultimately, your target audiences are looking for resources to accomplish a task with as little friction as possible. Blennd optimizes every step of the buyer journey, ensuring the users that land on your page have everything they need to get started with ease. With the right experience and the right technology, your team has the tools to shape buying decisions and grow your business. 

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