Expert Tips for How to Increase SEO Ranking on Google

increase SEO rankings

Are you wondering how to increase SEO rankings on Google for your website, products or brand? Click to learn about the most important search engine optimization ranking factors.

Are you wondering how to increase SEO ranking on Google for your website, products or brand? There are a number of factors to consider when working to increase search engine optimization for your business. Dominating search engine results pages (SERPs) requires more than just inserting a few keywords here and there. In this article, we'll show you how to increase SEO ranking on Google following 7 tips from our experts.

How to Increase SEO Ranking on Google

  • Leverage Your Current Organic Rankings
  • Optimize Your Existing Content
  • Identify High-Value Keyword Opportunities
  • Focus on Niche Topics
  • Run an Audit to Fix Technical SEO Issues
  • Analyze Your Competitor's Rankings
  • Hire Expert SEO Consultants

What Factors are Measured

Before we dive into how to increase your SEO ranking on Google, it's helpful to look at the data itself. What factors are measured when ranking a webpage on SERPs? While there is no short answer to this question, following a recently updated set of best practices is always the way to go. At Blennd, our Denver SEO experts stay current on the latest SEO trends to ensure our strategies lead to results.

A few of the most important ranking factors include:

  1. Meta data
  2. Site structure
  3. Indexing configuration
  4. Internal linking
  5. Backlink quality
  6. Domain trust
  7. Topic authority
  8. Latent semantics
  9. Writing quality
  10. Readability

increase search engine optimization

7 Tips for How to Increase SEO Ranking on Google

Leverage Your Current Organic Traffic

What keywords are you already ranking for on Google? If your website has been live for more than a year, chances are you're ranking for a few keywords organically. You can use tools like Google Analytics to identify existing keywords before you develop an SEO strategy. Understanding your website data is crucial when you're looking to increase search engine optimization.

Optimize Your Existing Page Content

It's not just about adding new content. Your existing content can also be enhanced to help your website increase its SEO rankings on Google. Revamping your on-page content, such as blog articles or your About page, can inform Google that you're making improvements to your website. Work with Blennd and we'll optimize your on-page content for you!

Identify High-Value Keyword Opportunities

One of the most important aspects of an effective SEO strategy involves keyword research. Keywords research reveals specific search terms which hold a greater likelihood to increase SEO rankings on Google. High-value keywords should align with your brand or services, have lower competition and hold higher search volumes.

Focus on Niche Topics / Audience Segments

If you're wondering how to increase SEO ranking on Google, finding a niche can be a highly effective resource. While all automobile repair shop websites are competing for keywords related to "automobile repairs" or "Denver automobile repairs," less will be targeting specific niche keywords, such as "automobile repairs on a budget" or "automobile repairs in Golden Triangle Denver."

how to increase seo ranking on google

Run an Audit to Fix Technical Issues

Many business owners are surprised by how many issues and warnings are discovered after running a site audit. SEO site audits identify problem areas on your website which can be fixed in-house or with a web development agency. Interested in your site health score? Request a free SEO report to learn more about the state of your website.

Analyze Your Competitor's Rankings

While researching how to increase your SEO ranking on Google, you may consider researching your competitors as well. Who shows up in the top results when you search for your business? What keywords are your competitors ranking for that you're not? Performing an SEO competitive analysis can identify potential strategies which can help you gain the advantage.

Hire Expert SEO Consultants

At Blennd, we known how to increase SEO ranking on Google. While some organizations have success running SEO in-house, working with an industry-leading experts certainly has its benefits. When you're ready to watch your traffic soar, contact our Denver search engine optimization team.

Success Stories

We've helped these businesses increase SEO rankings in Google:

The Long Game

It's a common misconception that "SEO shortcuts" or "growth hacks" can get are effective in earning higher rankings in SERPs. This is why we recommend companies play the "long game" when it comes in SEO. Your content production strategy should be closely tied with SEO so that when your rankings begin to improve you're confident they will stay that way. If you're still not sure how to increase SEO ranking on Google, it may be best to start with proven strategies from an SEO expert.

Whether you're planning a website redesign project, or you want to learn how to earn local SEO rankings, the experts at Blennd can help.

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