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A brand’s design system consists of the crucial imagery elements that set your business apart. It’s the colors, fonts, buttons, and other components that make your brand instantly identifiable by your users. As part of our brand strategy, Blennd delivers an updated design system that brings your business into the future. Our process follows an atomic model, where we first present the small elements of your new design and then bring in more pieces until we have a finished, full-fledged strategy. Once your team approves, this system leads the way for all upcoming designs.  

Blennd’s designers also take into account important elements like ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. These features are crucial when selecting the colors and other design aspects. However, many businesses remain unaware that their website does not meet standards. Blennd provides consulting to ensure that your design system is ADA compliant and fully accessible to all users. 

Beyond the important technical aspects of user experience and accessibility, we focus on shaping completely unique and beautiful designs that speak to your brand’s modern identity. A fresh, attractive, and technologically advanced website is instantly identifiable to your target audience  — and it’s a detail that can put your business a step ahead of competitors. Ultimately, an updated design system is the first step to fostering significant growth for your business and its digital presence.

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