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Whether your business just launched or has been around for decades, you may be due for brand identity consulting. Over time, brands evolve as new technology, team members, services, and other circumstances change. While most companies recognize this, many still allow their digital brand to stagnate due to lack of time or bandwidth to make significant updates. That’s where Blennd comes in. We provide comprehensive brand identity consulting to bring your business into the future.

Our outside perspective, combined with our brand identity expertise provides insight into the best next-steps for your business. We do it through discovery sessions with your team, getting information from subject matter experts to uncover the current state and the future state of your brand. Then, after conducting industry and trend research, we can provide recommendations for vision, design, and messaging updates that will make a true impact.

We present the new brand style in a comprehensive guide, outlining how to live, sound, and look for complete consistency. Our clients typically take this deliverable and present it to their entire team to onboard and review, allowing people to take on that identity whenever they create content or represent the brand. Ultimately, it not only informs our entire website rebuild, but also remains an important compass for all ongoing marketing and communication initiatives.

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