7 Tips for Planning a Website Redesign: Process and Plan

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Planning a website redesign can be a huge endeavor without the proper resources at your disposal. From server reconfiguration to quality assurance, a website redesign process involves many moving parts that may impact the end result. At Blennd, we offer a variety of website redesign services custom-tailored to businesses interested in enhancing their digital presence with quality content, intuitive interfaces and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

In this article, we'll show you how to revamp your website with 7 website redesign tips from our experts.

How to Revamp Your Website

  1. Identify Current Strengths and Weaknesses
  2. Run an SEO Site Audit to Determine Organic State
  3. Create an RFP / Enlist Website Redesign Services
  4. Determine Your Target Audience, Goals and Calls to Action
  5. Work with an Expert Website Redesign Company
  6. Test and Optimize the Site
  7. Plan the New Site Launch

7 Tips for Planning a Website Redesign Process

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Tip #1 - Identify Current Strengths and Weaknesses

The first step in determining how to revamp your website involves the identification of its current strengths and weaknesses. It's helpful to think of this step as a data-gathering interview / discovery. Ask yourself a few questions about your site to get started.

Answer these Questions:

  • What aspect of your website are you most happy with?
  • What areas could benefit most from a website redesign process?
  • What positive or negative feedback have you received from your visitors?
  • What are your competitors' websites doing well that yours should be doing too?

Tip #2 - Run an SEO Site Audit to Determine Organic State

Whether you're already familiar with the importance of SEO or not, there is no better time to implement these strategies than when planning a website redesign process. An SEO site audit can reveal the current organic state of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs), such as keyword rankings, traffic statistics and page load speeds. This information will help you better understand how your audience finds and interacts with your business online.

Tip #3 - Create an RFP and Enlist Expert Website Redesign Services

Depending on the size of your organization, it may make sense to create a request for proposal (RFP) when planning a website redesign process. An RFP is a great resource for outlining your current needs in order to enlist a website redesign company capable of tackling your project. It's important to select the right website redesign services that align well with your brand, customers and goals.

Tip #4 - Determine Your Target Audience, Goals and Calls to Action

Understanding your customers is one of the most crucial website redesign tips your business should consider. By identifying your target audience, setting attainable goals and communicating clear call to actions can lend to an increase your website conversion rate.

Answer these Questions

  • Who exactly is your target audience?
  • What are your organization's goals?
  • What are your main calls to action?

Tip #5 - Work with an Expert Website Redesign Company

We're a bit partial to this tip for how to revamp your website. The most effective strategy for planning a website redesign process involves an expert team of professional marketers, designers and developers. Our website redesign company can assist you with the entire process to ensure your website reflects your brand, vision and business objectives.

Tip #6 - Test and Optimize Your Site

Quality assurance identifies potential problem areas of your website redesign process before they arise. Testing your website for user experience, responsiveness and search visibility will increase the effectiveness of your site once it's live. A Denver SEO consultant from our team can assist you with optimizing your website before it launches.

Tip #7 - Plan the New Site Launch

There's more to planning a website redesign process than just creating quality content. You'll need to gather some additional information before a website redesign company, such as Blennd, can implement your updates, such as providing hosting information, backing up your old site and informing search engines. It's also recommended that you consider subscribing to a website maintenance package to ensure your website continues to run smoothly well after launch.

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Choose Blennd as Your Website Redesign Company

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Now that you know how to revamp your website, it's time to choose an organization you trust to provide comprehensive website redesign services built around your needs. Here at Blennd, we provide high-end web design, local search engine marketing and a variety of other creative agency services to businesses of all sizes. Ready to start planning your website redesign process? Get in touch with Blennd today!

Questions About Our Website Redesign Tips?

Do you have questions about our website redesign tips? Would you like to learn more about our website redesign services? We'd love to hear from you! Please don't hesitate to contact our Denver marketing agency.

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