Business-to-business technology companies have a unique challenge when creating a website. Their content needs to be informative but not cluttered, and their design needs to be high-tech but not overcomplicated. PeakView Co. is a business-to-business cloud contact center. They offer important, but complex services – and their target customers are busy people who don’t want to waste time on a complicated website.


The Challenge

For new website visitors, PeakView wanted to provide a clear view of their services, value, and credibility.

With more and more people using websites as the first point-of-contact with businesses, PeakView wanted to improve their site capabilities so customers could accomplish more. Blennd was brought in to declutter information, increase web traffic, and integrate cutting-edge technology to boost their services.

Looking at sales patterns, we found that most prospects visited the website after PeakView had done a presentation or provided a proposal, but the company wanted more customers to find them online first. This meant improving the company’s site ranking, and ensuring that when leads clicked, they were met with clear value propositions and solutions. The new pages also needed to be designed with clear call-to-actions (CTAs). That way, there would be less site abandonment and more interaction.


peakview case study


The Solution

After our brand discovery and website audit, we built and implemented a comprehensive digital strategy with our client’s strengths in mind.

PeakView approached Blennd in need of a refresh that reflected their modern technology services. Taking a look at the brand’s personality, assets, and features, we created a new, unique design and style that would make a big impression when people clicked. In order to gain more site traffic and conversions, Blennd’s SEO team ensured that every page was written for better search visibility by optimizing site structure, metadata, linking, and other content. Insight tools like Pardot allow common marketing tasks to be streamlined and automated – saving time and money internally.




The Features

UI and UX standards are constantly evolving, and even the most cutting-edge technology companies tend to fall behind on website experience trends.

We not only delivered a stellar website redesign, but also decluttered and simplified information to be more user-friendly and intuitive. On top of that, we completely modernized the website with cutting-edge marketing technology.

Before working with us, PeakView had little data on how their website affected customer journeys. There was some tracking, but a lot of valuable information was not being uncovered or used. By implementing tools like Google Analytics and Pardot integration, we were able to improve interactions and gain valuable insights about the users that were visiting the site.


The Results

A data-driven digital transformation.

The PeakView website now reflects the company’s expertise and valuable services – and their update got some serious results. After launching the site, their SEO Health Audit Score increased from 71% to 90%, and they saw a 17.9% increase in website sessions. With Pardot integration, they were able to gain valuable insights about their customer experiences and use that to improve their acquisition strategies.

With the redesign and updated marketing technology, PeakView saw a 50.92% increase in average session time, and an 8.36% increase in pages per session. Now, their website is customer-focused and user-friendly; those that land on the page know exactly how to get started with their services and learn more. Post-launch, Blennd remains a partner in strategy and design with their team.

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