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Results-driven websites for companies.

Blennd specializes in crafting websites that build your brand, tell your story, and increase leads & sales.

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/ What To Expect

Elevate your website to convert more leads.

Our strategy-first approach defines your best customers and creates a blueprint to acquire more of them. We set you up for success by streamlining your workflows, identifying your buyer personas and KPIs to align with goals that will lead to revenue.

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Results-driven websites and digital marketing.

We transform tech, SaaS and IT companies by future-proofing your website infrastructure and scaling digital marketing to drive traffic and convert website visitors into customers.

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Web Design

Design a scalable, effective and modern website that drives results.

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Digital Growth Strategy

Align your teams around a comprehensive strategy that brings together design, tech and traffic.

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Web Development

Build with a tech stack that is scalable and integrated with your marketing and sales.

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Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Create a personalized experience for your target audience to increase engagement.

/ Case Study

Inflow Logo
Digital transformation for a CX business.

We took a user-first approach to our web design strategy, presenting InflowCX as a customer-centric and approachable IT company. The result was a new website with an iconic design, logical structure, and optimized content that spoke authentically to Inflow’s brand and customers.

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/ Results

A people-first approach to an IT companies new website leg to tangible results.

Pages audited

Increase in avg. session duration in 30 days

New goal completions in 30 days

Unlocking opportunity.
Driving results.

Blennd specializes in delivering bold ideas and transformative websites and digital marketing solutions for mid-market to enterprise companies. We transform companies by future-proofing your website infrastructure and scaling digital marketing to drive traffic and convert website visitors into customers.

As markets continue to explode with competition, companies must fight for attention. Statistics show that one of the best ways to stand out in the market is through creating an engaging and high-quality website experience for your customers.

Does your brand or website design need a revamp?
Great branding and web design are critical. No matter how credible a product or service might be, poor branding and web design can turn away prospects in seconds. Effective website design demonstrates the value of the business and addresses buyers’ concerns upfront.

Ask yourself a few questions about your own website:

Does your message instantly and deeply resonate with your target audience?
Are your design elements working harmoniously to create a powerful emotional experience for your user?
Does your website leave no doubt you are the best provider in your industry?
If the answer is no, your company website may have untapped potential. If you want to take your website – and your business – to the next level, let us know.
We are brand and web design experts.
At Blennd, we understand what makes an effective web design, which will better position you to be a leader in your industry. We integrate brand, web, and digital to drive conversion and product adoption. We strategically combine UX, UI design, content, and development to help visitors stay on your website longer and convert more often.

Partner with a brand and web agency that understands your world of technology.

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Tell us about your next growth initiative

Schedule a no-obligation 30 minute meeting to hear from one of our experts about your site’s performance and their recommendations for improvement across strategy, web design, development and traffic.

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